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About Us

Internationalmovers.fr is an independent internetplatform, focused on giving the consumer, who wants to move internationally, a costless advice. The organization selects the best international movers from France’s based on strict quality requirements. The main criteria are for instance:

  • Minimal 10 years of experience in international moving
  • Specialised in international moving
  • Well established name in the French international moving business
  • Member of Déménageur Chambre Syndicale du Déménagement
  • Reliable company with a healthy operational management
  • And of course the opinion of the customers of internationalmovers.fr

International movers who want to apply and meet the above mentioned criteria, can fill in the application form or send an email to [email protected] or mail to the following address:

Spuiboulevard 240A+B
3311 GR Dordrecht
The Netherlands
+33 8 05 08 04 15

Registration Chamber of Commerce: 59464534
VAT number: NL8535.02.985.B.01

For questions or remarks, please send an email to: [email protected]